ILOOXS Solar Tech. The new era of Photovoltaic.


ENG/ It’s time for the solar technology in fashion world? Maybe yes. The photovoltaic cells were used on fashion accessories, clothing and other with a particular integration with these. Solar bag for example was the first approach. We remember when Ennio Capasa, ex founder and Art Director of Costume National, was a unique fashion brand to sold more solar bags in the world (maybe it was the best brand). So, the solar tech is use on beachwear and smart accessories to charge smartphone, tablet, and other electronic gadgets, but the esthetic effect is bad, because the silicon material is not beautiful.


ILOOXS is the name of the Italian Resercher team founded in the 2013 that develops a new technology to create an invisible solar cell. Yes it’s amazing. Now the experimental version is in advanced phase and the technology will be ready to market in last quarter of 2016. The team declared that technology will be apply on luxury products because the process is many expensive, but the high efficency and the design quality of the solar cell will be incredibles and the cost will not be a problem for the rich people that spend more money to have an exclusive solution.

( – May 20 2016)