ILOOXS will supply solar panels for Turin Polytechnic

ILOOXS Tech is proud to collaborate with the one of most Italian and European prestigious Universities: the Polytechnic of Turin. In particular, it developed an aesthetic solar panel for the project directed and curated by Eng. Matteo Fasano. Awarded in 2017 as the Best Young Researcher of the year at ENI Awards, Prof. Fasano together with his Team, has designed an innovative desalinator device. Once the research and development phase is completed and the product will be ready for production and marketing, it will have two main purposes: to produce drinking water in extreme or emergency situations and to solve more structural problems with water supply.

The aesthetic function given by ILOOXS technology to the solar panel that powers the desalinator, will ensure the device in addition to full functionality in off-grid areas making the device free also its total integration in the places where it will be placed, protecting and respecting the rules for the protection of historical, architectural and landscape heritage, as required by the recent standard of the Italian Minister Franceschini in line with UNESCO directives.