ILOOXS Technologies and Giocosolutions renew their partnership for the year 2018 and in this occasion, present an aesthetic photovoltaic product borns from R&D phase in 2017. Lumen is a photovoltaic outdoor applications created to respects enviroment and the landscape and historical heritage areas protected by regulation restriction. Lumen’s system is composed by: a latest generation solar panel  made by Giocosolutions fully customizable with ILOOXS technology and the electronics protected by a waterproof IP56 box, where storage energy and manage lighting at night (twilight function). Lumen provides a powerful LED light and is designed to independently bring the lighting in:

Natural parks
Faunal oases
Cycling routes
Climbing trail
Mountain huts and refuges
Valuable buildings and historic areas
Impervious and isolated places
Wherever you need to bring light to make safe open air areas

Thanks to ILOOXS technology it’s possible to make the surface of the photovoltaic panel similar to the environment where it will be collocated becoming fully integrated and almost indistinguishable from the rest of the installation. Logos and texts can be replicated on the solar panel surface reducing the possibility of the solar panel being subtracted or vandalized.
It’s possible to offer the panel as advertising space.

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