Activesol: new European partnership for ILOOXS

ILOOXS in the spring of 2018 opens its horizons to the European realities and signs its partnership with XDISC S.A. of Warsaw.
XDISC produces Activesol flexible photovoltaic panels, used on boats, vehicles and many other off-grid applications.
The collaboration with the Polish
Company represents a further step forward for ILOOXS entry strategy of the European market.
Activesol represents a solid bridge for ILOOXS towards the Eastern and Northern European markets which the Warsaw-based
Company is leader with its production of flexible and rigid solar panels.
ILOOXS has developed for its industrial partner the new texture «Cuoium», available in the nuances: Brown, Blue Refle, Green Bottle,Turquoise & Violet

perfect for integrating flexible solar panels into outdoor furniture and free standing present in valuable environments such as lounges of resorts and yachts .
Activesol and ILOOXS have activated a project for the realization of specific photovoltaic products for sectors dealing with emergency situations, civil protection and humanitarian aid.
A first product is already available for sale, having completed all the testing phases.

Also available in the “camo desert” and “camo winter” versions.


ILOOXS Technologies and Giocosolutions renew their partnership for the year 2018 and in this occasion, present an aesthetic photovoltaic product borns from R&D phase in 2017. Lumen is a photovoltaic outdoor applications created to respects enviroment and the landscape and historical heritage areas protected by regulation restriction. Lumen’s system is composed by: a latest generation solar panel  made by Giocosolutions fully customizable with ILOOXS technology and the electronics protected by a waterproof IP56 box, where storage energy and manage lighting at night (twilight function). Lumen provides a powerful LED light and is designed to independently bring the lighting in:

Natural parks
Faunal oases
Cycling routes
Climbing trail
Mountain huts and refuges
Valuable buildings and historic areas
Impervious and isolated places
Wherever you need to bring light to make safe open air areas

Thanks to ILOOXS technology it’s possible to make the surface of the photovoltaic panel similar to the environment where it will be collocated becoming fully integrated and almost indistinguishable from the rest of the installation. Logos and texts can be replicated on the solar panel surface reducing the possibility of the solar panel being subtracted or vandalized.
It’s possible to offer the panel as advertising space.

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In the occasion of Milan Design Week 2018, Enrico Marone Cinzano, the remarkable international design and modern art brand, will present “PINO” an outdoor coffee table that combines excellent craftsmanship
with high-tech solutions.

Piano fotovolotaico personalizzato “legno” creato con tecnologia ILOOXS

ILOOXS, by using a real image, created a solar panel with the shape and the aspect of a big log of wood; a solar panel was then used as a coffee table top.

Equipped with USB power sockets, power socket and LED light, the coffee table is the only object of its kind in the outdoor/indoor furniture scene, as it combines style with modern comfort.

With ILOOXS technology, standard solar panels change their appearance and become part of the environment in which they are inserted.

Enrico Marone Cinzano
exhibits his creation from 17 to 22 April,
at the Spazio Rossana Orlandi in via Matteo Bandello 14 a Milano.

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ILOOXS will supply solar panels for Turin Polytechnic

ILOOXS Tech is proud to collaborate with the one of most Italian and European prestigious Universities: the Polytechnic of Turin. In particular, it developed an aesthetic solar panel for the project directed and curated by Eng. Matteo Fasano. Awarded in 2017 as the Best Young Researcher of the year at ENI Awards, Prof. Fasano together with his Team, has designed an innovative desalinator device. Once the research and development phase is completed and the product will be ready for production and marketing, it will have two main purposes: to produce drinking water in extreme or emergency situations and to solve more structural problems with water supply.

The aesthetic function given by ILOOXS technology to the solar panel that powers the desalinator, will ensure the device in addition to full functionality in off-grid areas making the device free also its total integration in the places where it will be placed, protecting and respecting the rules for the protection of historical, architectural and landscape heritage, as required by the recent standard of the Italian Minister Franceschini in line with UNESCO directives.

ILOOXS Awarded with the SEAL of EXCELLENCE.

ILOOXS Technologies is proud to announce that it has been awarded the “SEAL OF EXCELLENCE” for its project: “ILOOXS AISP. The new Adaptive and Invisible Solar Panel transforms any surface into a photovoltaic surface“. This award was given by the European Commission, which examined the projects for the call for proposals for support for research, growth and competitiveness of European companies.

The project presented by ILOOXS Tech was considered worthy of economic support because it’s a company with innovative ideas and solutions with high growth potential in the market for goods and services with the aim of improving the lives of European citizens. The Turin-based company intends, also thanks to this important recognition, to introduce itself to customers and investors with new strength and guarantee of growth and development.

Austrian Boatshow BOAT TULLN 2018

From March 1st to 4th took place the Austrian Boatshow – BOAT TULLN 2018 , the most important event in Eastern Europe, dedicated to the exhibition of:
– sailboats up to 16 meters
– luxury motor yachts up to 15 meters.
Giocosolutions Srl has participated in this contest, together with other 380 international exhibitors, supported by its commercial partners: Garda Solar and Garda Energy, active and dynamic companies in the nautical sector, focused on the production and marketing of zero emissions boats.
Giocosolutions has shown to visitors (about 50,000) its flexible solar panels and from this year has also presented the aesthetic panels made by integrating the P-SUN technology of ILOOXS.
Ilooxs Tech Srl has patented an innovative technology that recreates any type of image and / or writing that allows the birth of a new generation of aesthetic and at the same time performing photovoltaic surfaces.
The aesthetic solar panels proposed by Giocosolutions are suitable for the most demanding requirements of the nautical world, proposing efficient solutions, without sacrificing elegance and design.
The available textures available are on Ilooxs Tech web site .

Hello Dusseldorf..BOOT is coming

We are here, just the time to return from the American West Coast after CES and we will be back on track, ready for a new and exciting fair in Europe this time.

From 20 to 28 January, ILOOXS Technologies will be present at the BOOT Dusseldorf, one of the most important events in the nautical panorama worldwide.

Thanks to our collaboration with Solbian, we will present the new products developed together with the company based in Avigliana and as always, the public’s expectations are high, given the level of innovation and quality that have always distinguished our companies.

They will be 8 important days for the sector, because the continuous research of sustainability in the nautical sector, is leading the market of solar panels to increasingly disruptive innovations, which change and distort what were the concepts and the way to apply these incredible zero emission solutions, even and especially on large boats, which have always had few sustainable elements.
We are waiting for you at BOOT Dusseldorf at Hall11B54.

ILOOXS goes to CES 2018

The 2018 opens with the most important technological event on the planet. ILOOXS Technologies celebrates the arrival of the new year goes to CES 2018. In Las Vegas from 9 to 12 January, will be present at the most famous technological fair of all time to tell and make the market fall in love with the first product #MadeInTurin for mass market, the ILOOXS #Freedom Solar Charger. The unique, customizable and high performance solar charger is ready to enter in the market, after a series of small productions developed in the last months for exclusive customers.

Daniele Pes, will be in California (as last year) for some meetings and to establish new relationships that will lead to the company growth, even outside Italy. It will also be a good time to meet the 50 companies selected by Teorema Group that under the patronage of MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) and supported by Italia Startup, ICE and some other private and public institutions have organized for the first time in the history of the Consumer Electronic Show an all-Italian expedition called “The Art of Technology” to promote and share our excellence in the field of research and technology.

ILOOXS goes to Talisker Atlantic Challenge

La Gomera. ILOOXS is under the sun of the Canary Islands ready for a new and exciting challenge! After months of great work, the Turin-based company is pleased to present a new technological solution developed for the advertising sector: that in favour of extreme sports competitions. For the first time ever, a vessel participating in the Talisker Atlantic Challenge adopts the innovative invisible solar panels produced by ILOOXS with the support of Solbian.

Customized solar panels integrate inside them (thanks to ILOOXS technology) the sponsors’ brands that support the English team. In this way it is possible to produce the energy for the boat to power the on-board systems and at the same time, use the same photovoltaic surface as space to accommodate logos and brand names. Mark Gibson, responsible for the expedition that is carrying out the rowing ocean crossing, followed by the realization of full custom solar panels alongside ILOOXS and Solbian, to be sure that the appearance of the panels complied with the regulations of the competition.

This proves that the solution offered by ILOOXS opens the door to a new concept of “sustainable advertising“.
Good luck to the Nuts Over The Atlantic team, which is committed to travel more than 3,000 miles of ocean, with the sole force of their arms, with the aim of raising funds in support of “The Movember Foundation”, a global non-profit organization committed to raising public awareness of health risks prevalently male and to promote awareness in this sense, promoting prevention, treatment and healthy lifestyles. ILOOXS is therefore extremely proud to support the Nuts Over The Atlantic team, and it is certain that the innovative technological solution that has been adopted for solar panels, will help them to cross every adversity up to the goal.