The ILOOXS product

ILOOXS TECH is pleased to announce the new generation of textures now available for sale that has the following features:

  • it is compatible with all solar panel production processes (rigid and semi-flexible)
  • its integration does not require changes to the rolling process
  • all the textures are seamless and the solar panels do not need a frame
  • you can replicate images, plain colors, logos and writings
  • the loss of texture efficiency has been reduced between 10% and 15%
  • the product can be requested in sheets or in reels

The company, which has always invested in R&D activities, is now focused on integrating its product on panels with CIGS and two-sided technology, to meet the needs of the market and its customers.

How a project is born

The process of developing of ILOOXS texture: from the idea to the final product


The Company


Ilooxs Tech srl was born in April 2017.

A leading company in the creation of technological innovation applied to photovoltaic surfaces, it produces a thin colored film which, integrated during the solar panel lamination process, transforms it into an aesthetically pleasing surface, hiding the photovoltaic cells. The surface thus obtained can have an appearance similar to wood, stone, marble, fabric, or can reproduce any type of images, writings and logos.

With ILOOXS the aesthetic photovoltaic is born.




ILOOXS patented technology allows you to create any type of image, texture, logo and writing using the perceptive features of the human eye, without significantly reducing the efficiency of the photovoltaic panel.

The image is created by depositing a thin film that is subsequently laminated during the panel creation phase; the pigments are transferred onto the photovoltaic cells creating the final perceived image. Since the pigments are inside the panel, the robustness to atmospheric and chemical agents is equal to that of a standard photovoltaic panel.




The aesthetic solar panels integrate completely into the surrounding environment and are particularly suitable for:

  • the intelligent redevelopment of building facades and industrial buildings
  • systems for places subject to landscape constraints such as parks and historic centers
  • outdoor forniture
  • prestigious boating
  • advertising
  • electric mobility