Avigliana, Turin. 1 August 2017.

ILOOXS Technologies, an innovative company from Turin has signed an important industrial and commercial agreement with Solbian Energie Alternative, a leading manufacturer of flexible solar panels for boating.

The purpose of the collaboration is to market a line of specific innovative products in the nautical sector, combining the quality of the products of the Avigliana company founded by the sailor Giovanni Soldini, and the innovative personalization solution of the Turin startup, led by Giancarlo Casellato.

ILOOXS, owns a proprietary technology, with which it is possible to recreate high quality images on photovoltaic surfaces, maintaining a high efficiency of the panel.

Although the company was founded a few months ago, behind it there is a long period of research and development supported by private investments, for the development of high quality technological and innovative accessories.

At the base of the agreement, there are two fundamental characteristics that bind the two companies since the beginning of the collaboration and are quality and innovation. These two elements are fundamental in all Italian companies, which distinguish the most dynamic and projected onto international markets.

With the signing of the document, the two companies undertake to promote in their respective areas of competence, high added value aesthetic coverings, thanks to the customization of flexible solar panels, which allows a total integration in the areas in which I am positioned. Until now, the use of photovoltaic technology on boats was very limited, given the technological barrier imposed by silicon and the materials that make up the panel. The integration of the disruptive technology of ILOOXS, in the production cycle of the Solbian panels, completely distorts the current scenarios by opening new ones, in which solar energy becomes a very important element to exploit, thanks above all to its aesthetic impact that is unparalleled .

During the event of the Monaco Solar Boat Challenge in mid-July, the two companies presented the first “personalized” product born of their collaboration to important exponents of the nautical sector.

A flexible solar panel with a "teak" texture, material used to coat the covers of boats and whose aesthetic fidelity, has led many experts in the nautical sector (including those coming from academic and university environments) to linger and request information about technology .

The high interest, led the Ambassador of Italy to Monaco, Cristiano Gallo, to visit the two companies, congratulating himself.

In addition, 3 photovoltaic panels personalized with the Monaco Yacht Club brand (event organizer) were presented as “prizes” for the challenge of solar boats, which were handed over to the best teams in the competition that took place in front of the prestigious club. nautical.
The joint action of ILOOXS Technologies and Solbian, will lead in the coming months to the creation of new graphics and textures, with the intention of developing a range of proposals that can satisfy the most diverse requests, up to the creation of "unique pieces" that will integrate in specific contexts, with the aim of consolidating the partnership over time and maintaining a position of leadership and competitive advantage in the boating market.

ILOOXS Technologies is an Italian company active in the research, development and application of high added value technological solutions in the photovoltaic sector. Founded and based in Turin since March 2017, it operates in the luxury sector ranging from building to automotive, to yachting, passing through fashion, design and the consumer technology sector. It has a proprietary process with which it is possible to realize any type of image, texture and pattern at very high resolution, keeping the solar panel efficient and making it completely integrable and interpenetrated in the context in which it is applied.

SOLBIAN Energie Alternative is a company based in Avigliana, in the photovoltaic sector since 2007 is led by CEO Luca Bonci. The company, which counts among the founders the famous Italian navigator Giovanni Soldini, produces high efficiency flexible solar panels.

Leader in the nautical sector, Solbianflex modules are particularly suitable for sailboats due to their extremely low weight, but their use is also valuable in electric mobility, caravans and campers, trekking, tents and shelters, emergency buildings and for the architectural integration.

For years committed to guaranteeing energy independence thanks to the inexhaustible power of the sun and respecting the surrounding environment, Solbian counts among its customers exceptional navigators, who have tested the durability and power of these solar panels in the most extreme conditions.

In 2012 the company obtained the ISO9001 Quality, OHSAS18001 Safety and ISO14001 Environment certification, and its products are certified according to IEC61215 and IEC 61730.