The aesthetic solar panel at MEET in Bologna

ILOOXS® textures, integrated inside the solar panel, give an important added value to the product: the photovoltaic system produces energy and it is also an architectural element of environmental requalification.

ILOOXS Tech srl in collaboration with Fly Solartech srl produces a line of semi-flexible solar panels  ;they are architectural elements used for the environmental and energy requalification of civil and industrial buildings.  The photovoltaic panel can be installed both on the roof and on the facade; in fact, its surface looks like the usual building materials (tiles, masonry, plaster).

Thanks to Ivano Toffoletti and his SDProget Team, a sample of the available textures was shown to the public that appreciated the product and its use.

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Campioni PV estetici

SPAC EasySol 18

SDProget Industrial Software ha inserito le caratteristiche tecniche ed elettriche dell’innovativo pannello solare estetico all’interno del suo prodotto SPAC EasySol 18 : Software per la progettazione degli impianti fotovoltaici direttamente in AutoCAD che permette inoltre di redigere automaticamente tutta la documentazione progettuale e l’analisi di producibilità, i disegni degli schemi Unifilari in formato DWG, la relazione tecnica, il preventivo economico ed il business Plan in formato DOC.

SPAC EasySol 18 interfaces with EasySol Mobile, an application for iPhone iPad.

Software features

The main features of the product are:

  • Management of Customer and Responsible Technician
  • ENEA Radiation Data - UNI10649 - Other (Web) - World irradiation data catalog
  • Inverter Archives and Modules (customizable)
  • Bidirectional Inverter Design Modules with electrical checks and string configuration (optimizers)
  • Creating Photovoltaic Generators with Producibility Analysis
  • Automatic drawing on DWG of the Unifilare
  • Symbology for the Single-line diagrams and AutoCAD OEM environment
  • Technical-economic report and analysis of the Business Plan in IRPEF Deduction, Tax Depreciation & FER Decree
  • Automatic printing of documents in Word and PDF format
  • Document personalization module
  • Financing Management
  • Calculation of avoided emissions
  • Export data to SPAC START for the Planimetric drawing
  • Section calculation of the Cables
  • Energy Audit and Consumption Calculation
  • Calculation of energy accumulators (batteries)

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